Life on Campus

The Jean Paul Group is committed to the all-round development of the individual and not just focused on rote learning. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of this overarching goal. The campus is surrounded by lush,scented flowers to lighten the air and mood and provide a fresh atmosphere. Yoga is a part of the daily routine so that students are not only mentally alert but also physically active, fit and healthy. Students who wish to, may take advantage of the spacious and well-equipped gym while those who prefer to exercise in the open can do so in the expansive ground. Open and fearless communication between students and teaching faculty is encouraged. The values of liberty, equality and fraternity are promoted and absolutely no discrimination on the grounds of caste.

creed or religion is tolerated. The school also organises regular workshops and seminars by academicians and respected scholars to expand students' minds beyond classroom learning. Trained medical experts are on hand at all times and in case of an emergency, a first-aid box is also available.