Curricular Activities

Cultural Activity

We are highly aware of the Indian culture and its heritage. In this context, students are encouraged to demonstrate their artistic skills before the experts and if they get selected, are given chance to show their arts before the huge mass of public during Independence Day / Republic Day / Annual Function.

We also highlight our students by participating in the cultural programme of Akashvani.

Games & Sports

We organise games and sports annually in the month of Dec/Jan. every year for the well built up body and sound mind. If a student produces unfit certificate to participate in it, no force is made by us for the participation.

Project Work & Exhibitions

In order to provide relief from the monotonous work of the class, we periodically provide project work and organise various exhibitions to improve the creative activities of our students.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes specially cater to weak learners so that they can achieve their goal.

Parent - Teacher Interaction

We deeply believe in the suggestion of parents/Guardians of the ward. We hold Parent-teacher meeting periodically to inform about the development of ward(s). The suggestion given during the meetings are over carefully discussed and applied to school if it suits well.