An Enduring Journey

In 1990, Lt. Mr. Brajendra Prasad Sinha had a vision. It was simple to envision but difficult to execute: To provide quality education to as many children as he could. To this end, he set up Jean Paul's High School in his own home at East of Ramna Road. The school was named after the French philosopher and Nobel laureate, Jean-Paul Sartre, whose work influenced a wide variety of disciplines including sociology, critical theory, and literary studies. Like its namesake, the school aims to educate students in a well-rounded manner, to become able, productive and creative citizens in a brave new world.

The school received State Government certification in 1998. In the same year, CBSE affiliation was approved for class 10 and affiliation for class 12 followed quickly in 2000. In the beginning, attendance was limited to just 15-20 children of the neighbourhood. But under the able guidance of its Principal and CBSE National Teacher's Award winner, Dr. Madhu Sinha, the school quickly acquired a reputation for excellence in education and enrolment grew astonishingly. The rapid growth necessitated the construction of a new building for seniors at Dhanupara. Today, thousands of students attend and many more are leading successful lives in India and abroad.