Quality education demands quality infrastructure and amenities. Students of today respond best to teaching that engages them on many levels. Jean Paul's teaching facilities are no less than those offered by many top schools of India and abroad. The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure that meets the challenges of providing a world-class education.

World-class Infrastructure

  • Labs spacious enough to accommodate up to 50 students comfortably
  • A library of a global standards, with thousands of books on various topics, apart from re ular text books

Through digitisation of processes, including:

  • Digitised report cards
  • Daily SMS reporting of absentees names to parents
  • Parents are digitally informed of homework
  • Payments can be made online in a hassle-free manner, without queues
  • GPS fitted school buses ensure children are safe and secure every moment

For further safety and security, the premises and classrooms are under 24X7 CCTV surveillance

In case of an emergency, Jean Paul's has a dedicated team of doctors who can perform check-ups and administer medical assistance to the students

Grievances and issues, if any, can be lodged at the school's grievance cell via an e-mail, SMS, phone call or in person

Focused attention, future-ready equipment and an engaged faculty make up the classroom experience at Jean Paul's. Studying is made as easy as possible with:

  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • E-boards in every classroom, where audio-video lessons can be streamed
  • Wi-Fi enabled smart class in every room
  • Encouraging clear and respectful teacher-student interactions
  • Periodic surprise tests to measure progress and interest
  • Immediate solutions to problems arising in classes
  • Extra attention given to stow learners
  • Opportunities to participate in cluster level competitions for fast learners
  • Lectures and talks on important issues by state/nationat level scholars
  • Encouraging creativity with regular exhibitions by members of the various students committees
  • Open and frank discussion, to facilitate positive personality traits like confidence and clear communication
  • Equal focus on both speaking and writing skills